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Golden rules of flirtation used by masters of seduction

Do you know that we can determine if another person is attractive in just 13 milliseconds? It turns out that we have an extremely short time to make a pleasant first impression. However, with the help of various psychological tricks and a competent flirtation, it is very possible to increase your chances of success. Do you want to know how?

If you do not consider yourself a master of seduction and generally find it difficult to meet people, the following 8 tips and tricks will undoubtedly awaken your inner charisma.
A look is a fundamental factor in flirting. Everything begins with it, and nothing is exempt from it in the future. According to scientific research, there are several nuances that distinguish the casual look from the one that invites you to meet you. In the first place, when we are interested in someone, we look at it more than once. On average, 3 visual contacts are enough to send the desired signal and attract attention. Second, much depends on the duration: it is known that a look, full of interest, lasts approximately 3 seconds on average, while the duration of a normal look is only 1 second.

It is about perspective, about how we look at each other. Human beings have sexual dimorphism based on height. Men are used to looking at girls from top to bottom, so they consider that big eyes, small chin and inverted triangle face are attractive. And women look from the bottom up, so, for example, a man’s broad cheekbones look attractive.

The scientists conducted a study based on what was described above and performed inverse manipulations with photos. As expected, participants in the experiment, reviewing the photos, said that people were not attractive to them: men look less manly and women less feminine. You can use this fact when you communicate with the opposite sex to present yourself better. The men take the posture and raise their heads to look bigger and more sure of themselves, while the women, on the other hand, tilt their heads down and to one side to look soft and tender.

Flirting rules often state that you should try to touch the object of your attraction as often as possible to make contact. But this is not entirely true. In fact, for these touches to be timely and pleasing to another person, some contact should be made in advance. As soon as you have fulfilled the condition and moved a little closer, try to lightly touch your hand or shoulder. And then an important point follows: determine if you have received approval. If everything is fine, you can continue playing informally to make the distance shorter. And the more intimate your communication, the lower you can touch, the feet and knees. If your gesture did not please, immediately stop trying for an indefinite period. You should not expect this to be a false signal and the more persistent you are, the quicker the rejection will disappear. This initiative is suitable mainly for brave women, but it works perfectly. At least help without loss of time to reject a person who is not interested in you. If you like someone, but are too nervous to start a fascinating conversation, try to deliver your business card without further ado. In this way, you will show your interest, and then the man will have to take a step: if he liked you, he will surely contact you. If you are not sure, but you are intrigued, you will also call, at least to have another meeting. And if for some reason he does not care, then everything will be clear to you without further delay and tense attempts to guess what he thinks and if he has the same feelings for you as you do for him.

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