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Grading with new stickers

The educator, 27, said the use of the memes had an immediate reaction from the students and that motivates them to do a better job, according to Daily Dot.

“I needed a way to express my emotions to my students while I qualified … I think that memes and GIFs are such an important part of text message culture now that we have a reaction and a meme for everything. I thought, why not use it to qualify? “, Fatima explained to the American media.

The young teacher printed several adhesive papers to share with her colleagues, so that they also use this procedure.

Fatima explained to the Daily Dot that she uses memes with high school students because the class she teaches is about “social networks, trends, news, politics, music, movies.”

The topic went viral in social networks and Fatima received compliments everywhere. “We need more teachers like you to make education fun for children,” wrote one Twitter user.

Even other tweeters made suggestions to rate tasks with other memes.
“It may seem silly, but the mere fact of having those few children who try harder makes my day! I have strived to be the teacher I needed when I was in school, “he finished his story to the Daily Dot.

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