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Most expensive items on the planet (forget gold, now wealth is measured in scorpions)

How much do you think a one liter bottle of water or a bunch of grapes from a rare crop can cost? Or could you take a “Da Hong Pao” for 685 thousand USD? Read the article and you will know the answers to these questions. In the end you will find the most expensive liquid on the planet, which you may have at home but you will not sell it for anything in the world. The “Ruby Roman” grape cluster is grown and sold only in the Ishikawa prefecture (Japan). Here an annual auction takes place. These grapes have a rigorous selection: each of them must weigh more than 30 grams, and all the bunch more than 700. Initially, in 2008, the price of one gram was 26 USD, but each time, the sale price exceeds the previous one. In 2017, these grapes were sold for 9 800 USD. The huia became extinct at the beginning of the 20th century, but its feathers were sold for a record amount of 10 thousand USD in 2010. Now, in online stores in New Zealand ( the bird was originally from that area) you can find sale ads to buy a copy at a small price of 1000 USD. True or not, determining its authenticity is impossible and most likely it is a simple forgery1 gram of tritium worth 30 thousand USD. This is used for the radioluminescence of different items: compasses, watches, key rings, emergency exit signs, etc. The advantage of such a radioluminescence consists of its permanent illumination and the absence of the need to charge. Did you ever imagine that a bottle of 1.25 liters of water could cost 60 thousand USD? In fact, it is possible if we talk about the most expensive and rare water in the world: Acqua di Cristallo Tribute to Modigliani, which is extracted from the springs in the islands of Fiji and is mixed with the melting of glaciers in Iceland. Luxturna helps to return sight to people with a hereditary form of blindness. The price turned out to be a little lower than planned by the scientists in its development, 425 thousand USD for the medicine for a single eye. The treatment was expected to exceed one million USD. The “Da Hong Pao” is the most expensive Chinese tea. The raw materials are harvested once a year and only one twig is broken with the first 4 leaves. Annually, the production of this legendary drink is less than 500 grams, therefore its price amounts to 685 thousand USD. The yellow scorpion venom has been named the most expensive liquid in the world. The price of 1 gallon (3.7 liters) is 39 million USD. A specimen produces less than 2 milligrams of venom at a time, an arthropod would have to be “milked” more than 2 million times. The value of the poison is because it is a key component that is used in the treatment of brain tumors.

Californium-252 is the most expensive metal on Earth, it is used in radiation therapies. For the production of 1 gram of this substance plutonium or curium is irradiated in a nuclear reactor from 8 months to a year and a half. Annually, 20-30 micrograms are obtained. The world reserve is only 8 grams, that’s why its price is 250 million dollars per gram.

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