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She used her cousin’s hand to show the engagement ring

Diana, José’s partner, used the hand of her cousin Jenna to take pictures of her engagement ring and share them with her loved ones. Jenna, meanwhile, shared the ‘behind the scenes’ on Instagram and Twitter, and made hundreds of people laugh.

After several users asked Jenna why Diana did not have her nails fixed at that moment, she replied that her cousin is a nurse and that is why she never had the “manicure”.
The woman also told that Diana helped José to organize his own proposal of marriage, because he pretended that it was a party to celebrate the wedding anniversary of his parents (hers). The man really wanted to surprise his girlfriend, so he did not know how to tell her to fix her nails “without raising suspicion”. Jenna’s publications went viral in such a way, that she already has a million likes on Twitter and Instagram. Below you can see the two photos he shared and, immediately, the moment that Joseph knelt down to propose to Diana.

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