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They expel a Spanish couple from the plane because the flight attendant did not understand their language

The passenger was worried because in his suitcase he was carrying a computer, so, when he saw that his luggage was being relocated, he asked for explanations “repeatedly,” Antena 3 reported.

That means, witness of the fact, added that the flight attendant (who spoke English) got angry and left without saying anything. The victim’s wife tried to intercede for her husband, but failed: the cabin manager ordered that they take him out of the plane.

Gonzalo Rubio Díaz, another witness of what happened, said on Twitter that several people who spoke English tried to talk to the commander to change his mind, but he “had already made a decision.”

The team of Antena 3 confirmed the above and also pointed out that in the end the affected person addressed some words to the passengers to explain what had happened and offer them apologies for the inconveniences, as can be seen in the video at the end of this note. So far, the airline has not ruled on the matter.

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