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Workers find 1,000 HUMAN TEETH inside a WALL

The macabre discovery of human teeth occurred during the restoration work in a building located in the center of the city of Valdosta, Georgia.

The images of a grisly find made by workers inside a wall of a building in Valdosta, Georgia, have caused a stir in the network.

According to local press, on Tuesday, workers discovered around 1,000 human teeth hidden in a wall on the second floor of the so-called Converse Building.

When the macabre images spread, on the internet the question has arisen of how the teeth could end up in such an unexpected place. After inquiring into the history of the building, built in 1990, local experts established that at least until 1930 it housed the offices of two dentists who practiced tooth extractions. Supposedly, the doctors were able to store them on the wall for some unknown reason. The funny thing is that in two other cities in Georgia, Greensboro and Carrolton, human teeth have also been found in walls of what were once dental surgeries. Local dentist Pat Powell noted that it is unknown if “it was a common practice at that time,” but it is strange that a coincidence of those characteristics occurs.

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